AMC actively demands quality, passes various professional certifications, and cooperates with customer needs, actively introduces other professional certifications, and hopes to meet customer needs in terms of product quality, production efficiency and customer service, so that cooperation can be smooth and create a win-win situation Opportunity.
Based on the improvement and development of core technical capabilities, guided by market demand, in conjunction with strategies such as waste reduction, environmental protection, customization, and cost advantages, relevant process technologies and key materials are developed to improve and enhance process technology capabilities and achieve diversification The purpose of application development. In short, with continuous innovation and change and growth, we are striving for the goal of sustainable business management.
  • Optical adhesive related materials

    Photo-curable adhesives, optical adhesives, resins for optical structures, customized products.

  • Adhesive application materials

    Super high adhesion, slight adhesion, high and low adhesion, special adhesion.

  • Cutting service

    Precise die cutting, laminating, slitting, cutting, multi-layer film composite processing.